Examples of our Phoenix Custom Sun Screens

Residential owners who are seeking custom sun screens and solar shades in Phoenix and the surrounding area will discover that Stellar Sunscreens is the best place to go. We are the company that is willing and able to provide shade that works well with each home.

The sun can feel very oppressive at times. It can have a negative impact on people and animals. Not only that, but furniture and other belongings can become damaged as a result of being in the sun. We can provide excellent solar shades that can reduce glare and heat. People like the fact that they can have privacy inside their home while still being able to view the great outdoors. A sun screen does an amazing job at protecting people from the sun while will letting sunrays provide natural light into a business or home. We have custom sun screens that look great and give the protection that people deserve.

This is what Stellar Sunscreens can do for you.

  • Blocks up to 90% of the sun’s heat and glare with window screens or window shades thus reducing heat transfer.
  • Improves A/C cooling efficiency and lowers utility bills.
  • Protects fine art, furniture, and floors from fading
  • Privacy (window privacy screen): you can see outside, but others cannot see inside
  • Custom-designed for all your windows and doors
  • Pull-down shades for outdoor patio and pool areas
  • Available in a variety of attractive and modern colors
  • Adds value and enhances the appearance of your home
  • Motorized retractable sun shades from a remote

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The Advantages of Stellar Sunscreen Installations

sun shadesThe sun’s electromagnetic energy and light are essential to all life forms. This ball of gas provides much-needed energy but excess exposure to UV radiation emanating from this star can be harmful.

Sunscreen installations are essential to cut down excess solar glare and control the amount of exposure to sunlight. Exterior solar sunscreens filter light and provide the required privacy from prying eyes. These devices are very energy efficient and offer a wide range of comfort benefits for the home.

To further understand the impact of sunscreens reducing UV rays and the positive impact of solar sunscreens, keep reading.

What is a Solar Sunscreen Installation?

A solar screen is a panel that is put on a window to filter the amount of light and heat that comes through windows. Sunscreen installations involve the measurement and fixing of PVC solar sunscreens and solar shades in office blocks, homes, stores, and utility buildings.

The installation of a solar screen does not require technical knowledge. Additionally, there are many DIY kits and tutorials available for purchase.

Solar Sunscreens

solar screen

There are options available to choose from when it comes to solar sunscreens. Solar sunscreens are made of PVC material of varying gauges that can be adjusted to cut sunlight depending on the desired requirements.

Sunscreen installations and the purchase of screens depend on several factors namely:

  • Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of the screen
  • The size of windows and doors
  • Solar heat gain coefficient
  • Exposure to sunlight

These are a few of many considerations that can be looked at before the installation of screens. Other factors may depend on the topography of an area.

Custom Solar Screens

These sunscreens can potentially reduce energy bills and can be fashioned to meet the unique needs of individuals. They can be designed to regulate the amount of heat entering buildings according to specifications from those purchasing them.

Exterior Solar Sunscreens

These are suitable for patios, decks, and balconies and can be manually operated or motorized and operated remotely. Retractable screens are made to suit all types of weather.

The benefits of having exterior screens go beyond the reduction of light and heat from the sun. Some additional benefits that can be accrued from their application include the regulation of insects and cutting down dust and pollen.

Solar Shade Installation

There are tutorials that individuals can access to learn how to install sunscreens on their own. This includes exterior sunscreens and motorized solar shades. Sunscreen installations on an industrial scale, but need the input of trained technicians well-versed in the installation of shades and can do it safely.

Why Consider a Phoenix Stellar Sunscreen Installation?

Stellar Sunscreens is a solar sunscreen installation company in Phoenix, Arizona whose proprietor brings years of experience in the installation and design of custom solar sunscreens. Thousands of homeowners in Arizona have benefited from our sunscreen installations.

Reach out today to Stellar Sunscreens through our contact page for all types of sunscreens, custom solar screens, solar shades. Arizona residents can save on the cost of sunscreen installations because we provide reasonable rates. We also install both residential and commercial orders as well.