Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions about sun screens.

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What is a sun screen?

A sunscreen is a product that mounts on the outside of the window that absorbs heat and reflects it away before the heat hits the glass causing the room temperature to increase.

What are the benefits of sun screen installation?

Sunscreen installation increases your comfort while reducing your cooling costs by lowering the temperature in a room during the warm weather months.

How dark will sun screens make my home?

Sunscreens allow for a shaded light to enter the home; but usually most blinds and shutters are shut in the summer, so now you can have natural light and a view instead of no light at all.

Will sun screens affect the health of my plants?

No! In fact, shading actually reduces yellowing and water loss.

What is the difference between 80% and 90%?

80% provides more light and air flow while the 90% provides more glare reduction and energy efficiency.

Can I see through the Sunscreens?

Sunscreens provide excellent visability, however you can see through the darker colors better.

Will the Sunscreens get dirty?

Proper care includes regular cleaning with mild natural soap and lukewarm water.

Do Sunscreens really reduce the heat inside my home?

Sunscreens are designed to reduce the heat transfer that passes through the glass windows and doors allowing for up to 20% energy savings. Sunscreens are recommended by your local utility company for energy savings.

Are Sunscreens Expensive?

All Pro Sunscreens has been around for along time so our advertising costs are low and we are a local family business so our overhead is low and we pass the savings along to our customers. The sunscreens will actually pay for themselves in a short period of time.

Will people be able to see inside my home after I have Sun screens installed?

Sunscreens offer a lot of privacy. you can see out while during the day people cannot see in. However if your lights are on at night people can see inside your home.

Will Sunscreens protect my blinds and shutters from fading?

Yes, Sunscreens prevent interior items such as blinds, shutters, carpet, furniture and paintings from fading.

What kind of warranty will I get on my Sunscreens?

All Pro Sunscreens offers a lifetime warranty while you own the home. the warranty does not transfer to new homeowners.

Which Windows should I cover?

For maximum energy efficiency all of the glass windows and doors should be covered though some customers choose to only do certain sides of the home like the East, West and South exposure sides of the home.

How long will I have to wait to get my sunscreens?

All pro Sunscreens Guarantees the installation of your sunscreens within 2 weeks of ordering.

What kind of solar screens does All Pro Sun Screens use?

The preferred brand of material that we use is the textilene 80% and 90%. We use this because it lasts longer than any other brand and comes with a longer warranty. Essentially, this product is a pvc coated polyester mesh used for windows, doors and roll shades.