The Best Exterior Solar Sunscreens in Peoria, Arizona

Exterior solar sunscreens are special window screens usually made from special woven window screen mesh. At our Peoria, Arizona, sunscreen installations, we pride ourselves on having experience in the installation of the best solar shades. We have the right tools, skills, and experience to get any job done on time, every time.

We understand the value of investing in the best solar screen for every home. For a location where sunlight can be overbearing, it is necessary to invest in the right screens. The best screens installed in a professional manner will not only cut the light getting in but will also regulate the home heating.

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What Are Exterior Solar Sunscreens?

Exterior solar sunscreens are solar shades installed on the outside of the window. They are usually made of a polyester weave and sometimes with a strong PVC coating. The best sunscreen installations ensure that the UV rays from outside do not penetrate the house.

Solar shade installation can also be made on the doors and ceiling. For those with French-style doors, the solar screen can be mounted on the screen or the ceiling. The right professionals with modern tools ensure that the screens are installed without causing damages.

Do Exterior Sun Shades Work?

Exterior solar sunscreens work as long as they are installed in the right manner. They should be installed on the side of the house that faces direct sunlight for the longest period of the day. At our Peoria service area, we offer custom solar screens based on individual client needs.

If the main window to the living room faces the morning sun, solar shades can be helpful. Solar sunscreens block UV light and protect the house from overheating or the seats getting scorched. Further, they also help block excess light that might make TV viewing during daytime hours a problem.

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Do Solar Screens Block UV Rays?

Most sunscreens are designed to block up to 90% of UV light. For the screens to work well, exterior solar sunscreens should be installed on the side of the window where the morning sun hits directly. For the best outcome, choose the best solar sunscreen installation experts in Peoria, Arizona.

The PVC coating on the solar shades reflects direct UV light from getting into the house. However, since not all shades have PVC coating, some are less effective than others. Purchasing the shades from the right vendor and having them installed by a professional improves their efficiency.

Where to Get the Best Exterior Solar Sunscreen Installations?

It is important to purchase the best exterior solar sunscreens in the market for the best outcome. While there are many dealers in Peoria, AZ, only a few can deliver quality custom solar screens. At our Peoria, AZ, sunscreen installations, we prioritize customer satisfaction over everything else.

For the best solar sunscreens do not hesitate to call us today. We offer free quotes to all potential homeowners in Peoria, AZ. Contact our professional team for information regarding sunscreens by filling out our online contact form.