Expert Solar Screen Services in Goodyear, AZ

Homeowners looking for custom solar screen companies in the Goodyear area will find the best energy-efficient solar shade installation and outstanding solar sunscreen services with Stellar Sunscreens.

Stellar Sunscreens is a local sunscreen installation service installing the best solar sunscreens and solar shades in AZ, since 1993. Customers looking to reduce energy costs with solar shades are in for easy cleaning with expert solar shade installation services in Goodyear, Arizona, at Stellar Sunscreens.

At Stellar Sunscreens, we guarantee customers get outstanding customer service choosing our custom solar shades that protect homeowners in Goodyear, AZ, all-year-round.

Solar screens are mesh window treatments that effectively deflect, and reduce the sun’s U.V rays up to 90%. The Arizona heat keeps your electric bill through the roof and adds UV damage to your floors and property. The impact of solar shade installation is a noticeable decrease in the heat that comes pouring into your home from the sun.

Being energy efficient is so vital to the modern way of life and the cost of living. Huge benefit clients love is the reduced cost of electricity as they run the A.C less after sunscreen or solar shade installation. The savings add up!

Goodyear Windows solar screens

Exterior Solar Sunscreen Service

Exterior solar sunscreens are the best way to keep out the sun and reduce energy costs. Their upkeep is simple, and they remove in a snap during winter months when you may want the light to pour back in.

Many homeowners are trying out solar sunscreen DIY projects, without realizing the future expense that may arise as these DIY screens void your window warranty. Our solar sunscreens are customized to fit over any window without touching them.

1” frames with steel corners and die-cast steel clips are what we use, this allows easy removal and the added bonus that they do not void any window warranty.

Attractive Solar Sunscreens

Attractive solar screen options add value and enhance the appearance of your home while offering reduced energy, and added privacy. Solar screens come in a variety of high-quality, modern mesh colors. The sturdy mesh does not block your view to the outside but will prevent people from being able to see inside your home.

There are two solar screen tinting strengths – 80% and 90%. The 80% strength blocks out 80% of UV sun rays, so more light is let in and there is more airflow when your windows are open.

This option is best for clients who may not have direct sunlight, and want to keep their homes bright, while still cutting energy costs and deflecting UV damage. The 90% tinted strength is darker and therefore offers more glare reduction, privacy, and energy efficiency.

90% of UV sun rays are blocked out which provides maximum energy efficiency, even the brightest rooms with direct sunlight pouring in are no match for these screens.

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