The Benefits of Solar Sunscreens in Surprise, Arizona

Solar sunscreens are available for purchase by residents and homeowners in Surprise, Arizona at pocket-friendly prices from Stellar Sunscreens. We specialize in solar shade installation for all types of sunscreens and solar shades.

Energy reduction costs in homes can be achieved through solar sunscreen installation. Homes in areas like Surprise, AZ, that receive sunshine on an average of more than 300 days a year will benefit from the installation of sunscreens and solar shades.

Our all-weather solar sunscreens are suitable to provide homeowners with comfort while reducing energy costs at the same time.

Solar sunscreens are made of tough polyester weave that is designed to cut the sun’s rays and keep homes cool during the day. This material is very durable and highly recommended for the manufacture of solar shades and sunscreens.

To realize energy reduction goals and mitigate the impact of the sun’s UV rays, homeowners should consider sunscreen installations in their homes. People will find that they do not need to use lots of electricity during the day

Exterior Solar Sunscreens

Exterior solar sunscreens protect homes from excess heat gain and additionally extend to safeguard garden or outdoor patio furniture and carpets from damage by extreme sunlight.

They protect homes by reflecting the rays from the sun into the atmosphere and reducing the incidences of harmful UV light reaching the skin. This is the best measure that people can use to control the impact of UV light indoors.

These screens can be motorized or custom-made to be operated manually, depending on your preference. Motorized exterior sunscreens can be automated in such a way that their sensors enable the screens to retract when exposed to varying degrees of intensity of sunlight.

Surprise windows sun shades

Sunscreen Installations

Sunscreen installations for custom solar screens can be done expertly by our technicians after an assessment of your property and a determination of the kinds of sunscreens suitable for your home.
The screens are a good barrier to excess sunlight and provide much-needed comfort that homeowners living in areas with full sunshine reside. The screens are equally adept at eliminating heat loss during times of winter.

Additionally, there are DIY kits that individuals can use by themselves to install sunscreens in their own homes. These kits include all equipment and accessories necessary for the assembly and window sunscreens and solar shades in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Why Choose Stellar Sunscreens in Surprise, AZ?

We serve customers in Surprise, AZ, and its neighboring regions by providing top-notch solar sunscreen installation services. We give our customers value for their money by ensuring that their homes look stellar and consume less energy.

You can reach us through our contact form and call our numbers for more information about all manner of screens including custom solar screens. We will gladly reach back to you and send our technicians to assess your particular needs and provide you with a friendly proposal that will delight you.