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How to Choose Between Light and Dark Solar Shade Fabrics

When choosing between light and dark solar shades, there are a few things to consider. Light solar shades provide a bright and open feel to the room and allow more natural light to enter. Solar screens in Gilbert help reduce glare on electronic screens and are a good option for smaller rooms or spaces with limited natural light. They’re also excellent for rooms with lighter decor or darker furniture.

Gilbert Solar Shades offer more privacy, improve room darkening, and keep the room cooler by blocking sunlight and heat. They help reduce the fading of furniture and flooring caused by UV rays. Solar sunscreens are a good choice for larger rooms or spaces with plenty of natural light and are a good option for rooms with darker decor or furniture.

The choice between light and dark solar shades depends on personal preference, natural light in the room, and the overall decor. It’s important to consider all these factors before making a decision. You can use the ten tips below to help you.

10 Tips for Choosing Light or Dark Solar Shade Fabrics

dark solar screens

UV ray reduction is always a concern for homeowners in Arizona as the sun scorches in the sun with blazing heat. Custom solar shades are customized to fit your existing windows in your house. With so many options available for light or dark solar sunscreens, it’s best to take your time and consult with the experts at Stellar Sunscreens.

Here are ten tips for choosing light or dark solar shade fabrics:


  1. Consider the Amount of Natural Light in the Room: Rooms with plenty of natural light may benefit from darker shades, while rooms with limited natural light may benefit from lighter shades and promote UV ray reduction.
  2. Think About Privacy: Darker shades offer more privacy and are a good choice for bedrooms or bathrooms.
  3. Consider the View: Lighter shades allow for a clearer view outside, while darker shades can obscure the view.
  4. Look at the Room’s Overall Decor: Choose a shade color that complements the room’s overall decor.
  5. Consider the Color of the Walls: Choose a shade color that complements the wall color.
  6. Think About the Mood You Want to Create: Lighter shades can create a bright and open atmosphere, while darker shades can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere.
  7. Consider the Season: In the winter, darker shades can help keep the room warmer, while in the summer, lighter shades can help keep the room cooler.
  8. Think About the Heat and Sunlight: Darker shades can help block more sunlight and heat, which are beneficial in warmer climates.
  9. Consider the Energy Savings: Lighter shades can help reduce the need for artificial lighting and save energy.
  10. Look at the Durability of the Fabric: Choose a fabric for your solar sunscreens that is durable and easy to clean, especially if the shades get exposed to direct sunlight.


Benefits of Having Your Solar Shades Professionally Installed


There are several benefits to having your solar shades professionally installed:


  1. Proper Installation: Professional installers have the knowledge and experience to install them properly, ensuring they fit correctly and operate smoothly.
  2. Safety: Installing solar shades can be dangerous, especially when working at heights or with heavy equipment. Professional installers at Stellar Sunscreens get trained to handle these situations safely.
  3. Customization: Professional installers can help you customize your solar shades to fit your specific needs, including the size, color, and fabric.
  4. Warranty: Most professional installers provide a warranty on their work, protecting your investment and leaving you peace of mind.
  5. Time-Saving: Professional installation can save you time and eliminate the need to measure, cut, and install the shades yourself.
  6. Cost-Saving: Professional installation can save you money in the long run, as it reduces the risk of mistakes or damage to the shades during installation.
  7. Aesthetics: Professional installers can help ensure that your solar shades get installed in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and enhances the overall look of your space.

Overall, having your solar shades professionally installed by the experts at Stellar Sunscreens ensures that your solar screens in Gilbert get installed correctly, safely, and efficiently, giving you peace of mind and protecting your investment.

How long do Solar Screens last | Stellar Sunscreens

How Long Do Solar Screens Last?

Window treatments are a great way to enhance the style and privacy of any room in your home. Consider solar screens if you want to explore new options for your windows. Not only do they provide all the benefits of traditional sunscreens, but they also add pleasing aesthetics and curb appeal.

By installing the best solar screens, you can enjoy the advantages of natural light while reducing your energy costs. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. This article will guide you through the process and help you choose the type of solar screen that best suits your home decor needs and budget requirements.

Let’s continue reading to discover how long solar screens last and utilize local custom solar window screens in Phoenix, AZ.


What Are Solar Screens?

solar screens PhoenixSolar screens are a popular type of window treatment that helps to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that enters a home. Typically made with fiberglass or aluminum mesh material, they come in a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes, making it easy to customize their look to match any decor.

One of the best things about solar screens is that they are easy to install, so homeowners can add them to windows and patio doors and get protection against harmful UV rays. With routine maintenance, solar screens can last for a few years while adding sun protection.

If you’re looking for an effective way to reduce energy costs and protect your home from the sun, solar screens may be just what you need. They protect you from the sun and add overall style and appeal to your home. Standard and custom solar window screens in Gilbert, AZ, last approximately 3-4 years or more.


5 Signs Your Solar Screens Need Replacing

If you’re having trouble opening or closing your windows due to a faulty window screen, it’s a clear sign that there’s an issue. If operating your windows has become a hassle to the point where you’d rather keep them closed all day, it’s a good indication that your screens need replacing.


Here are five signs that it’s time to replace your solar screens:


  • 1. Your Solar Screens Are Damaged: If you notice a hole or tear in your screen, it’s obvious that it needs replacing with Phoenix solar screens. However, the damage can be hard to spot. If you see fraying or signs of wear and tear on the edges of your solar screens, replacing them before they rip or tear completely is a good idea.
  • 2. Lookin’ Shiny: Over time, solar screens can get worn down by the elements and start to look shiny instead of matte. If this is the case, it’s a good indication that they need solar screen replacement services. Solar screen companies like Stellar Sunscreens provide free estimates and expert installation services.
  • 3. Bugs Have Invaded: If you’ve been dealing with an influx of bugs in your home during the warmer months, your window screens may be to blame. Even the smallest hole or tear can be enough to let bugs in, so inspect your screens and find any entry points.
  • 4. Gettin’ Noisy: In addition to blocking out bugs and debris, window screens can also help reduce noise from outside. If you can hear your neighbors’ conversations through your screens, it’s likely time to replace them. Custom solar screens provide the right solution when standard sizes don’t fit.
  • 5. Hard To Open: If you’re having difficulty opening your windows, sliding doors, or screen doors, the screens may be warping and no longer sit properly in the window frame. When you have Phoenix solar screens installed by Stellar Sunscreens, we warranty our products and installation services.


Are solar screens worth the money if energy bills are soaring for most people? Yes, especially if you noticed a spike in your energy bill this summer. Your window screens may be to blame. Solar screens reduce the amount of light and heat that enter your home. Therefore, solar screen companies are available to help you out.


How Can I Get the Best Custom Window Screens in Phoenix, AZ?

That’s easy. Call or contact Stellar Sunscreens today and talk to one of our friendly experts about replacing your damaged solar screens.

Protecting Yourself From the Sun During Autumn Desert Adventures

When heading out into the blazing hot Arizona sun during autumn desert adventures, it’s paramount to protect yourself. Autumn is a time in Arizona when monsoon season is tapering down and scorching heat waves reach temperatures over 118 degrees Fahrenheit and plummet down to the 90s and 70s but that doesn’t mean it is safe.

Reducing UV rays is one of the best ways to combat UVB and UVA rays during the fall. Although the temperatures may have dropped, people can still feel the effects of skin damage and underestimate the strength of the Arizona sun. Enjoying the autumn air without the bugs is a great time of year to head out to the desert in Phoenix.

Keep reading to learn more about Arizona’s autumn desert adventures and tips to protect yourself from harmful UV rays.

Why Are the Reduction of UV Rays Important?

Desert Fall Hiking | Stellar SunscreensThe reduction of UV rays is important when going on an adventure anytime the sun is out, making it even more important to be prepared. Sunburn is the leading cause of overexposure to the sun. Prolonged exposure to UV rays leads to skin cancer and premature aging.

Further, prolonged UV exposure increases the risk of eye diseases and cancer. Therefore, sunglasses and solar sunscreens on your camper or home will help with the reduction of UV rays.

Below are some useful tips for protecting your skin when enjoying the sun in Autumn:


Lip Protection

Many people suffer from chapped lips during the autumn as the days get colder, causing them to become uncomfortable. Split lips can be very painful and cause scabs that most prefer to pick off than to see them. Having adequate sunscreen protection for your lips is something most people don’t consider when out in the sunshine.

Almost 40,000 lip cancer cases are reported annually in the United States, leaving about 7% with cancer. Lip balm with an SPF factor of 30 or higher, will help protect your lips when out in the Arizona sun.


Skin Protection

Everyone loves to be outside when the sun is out, especially children and we tend to neglect using proper sunscreen protection for our skin. Although we enjoy getting a darker skin tone, many underlying health conditions can arise if not addressed beforehand.

Excessive exposure to UV rays increases aging and promotes connective tissue damage to our skin, leading to sunspots, premature wrinkles, and lines. Using a sunscreen lotion with an SPF factor of at least 30% blocks out 97% of harmful UVB rays.


UPF Clothing Protection

Using sunscreen is great for your skin but you can go the extra mile and add UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) clothing to your arsenal. The clothing itself will provide information about the level of UVA and UVB protection it comes with. It also adds some flare and fashion to your wardrobe with breathable materials that look great.

Blocking out harmful sun rays should include a UPF fabric of at least 50% that still allows some sun to break through the fabric, adding about 98% protection from UV rays while enjoying the autumn air without the bugs.

The reduction of UV rays begins and starts with you. Having the proper sunscreen and clothing protection is crucial to preventing a host of health conditions, especially cancer but what about your home, vacation rental, or campsite?


Where Can I Get the Best Phoenix Sunscreens for My Home?

Whether you are living in a residential home in Phoenix, Arizona, or staying in a vacation rental, RV camper, or pitching a tent, having adequate shade is always a great idea in the desert sun. Bringing your own canopies or awnings is a benefit when trying to get a break from the autumn desert sun in Arizona but what if you live there?

Residents in Phoenix, Arizona, can call or contact Stellar Sunscreens and get the best solar sunscreens installed and custom fit for the ultimate reduction of UV rays for their homes.  We provide professional services and installation at affordable prices with 100% customer satisfaction and products that withstand the test of time.

enjoy the crisp clean autumn air without the bugs using solar window screens | Stellar Sunscreens

Enjoy the Crisp, Clean Autumn Air Without the Bugs Using Solar Window Screens

A window that allows natural light and air inside the room provides the small joys in our lives. However, you may face a common issue of intruding bugs inside the room when the windows don’t have a screen installed. You may have to deal with bugs like mosquitoes, flies, insects, dirt, and dust.

Solar screens keep bugs out and offer a fantastic solution for the home in terms of blocking 90 percent of the harmful UV rays, and this is why homeowners these days consider installing solar sunscreens in their windows so that they can enjoy the outside views and autumn air when the weather cools down.

Below, we will discuss the benefits of custom grid sunscreens for your windows and why you should install them. So, let’s continue reading.

What Are Custom Grid Sunscreens?

Custom grid sunscreens are the ones with grid sets that match your window. Further, it dramatically elevates the curb appeal of a house. So, to avoid a bland look of the sunscreens, especially on the front side of a home, many customers prefer choosing custom grid sunscreens to make the house look more decorative.

You can have a standard window-size sunscreen or a custom-fit sunscreen available in custom textures and colors. Homeowners in Arizona prefer having custom grid sunscreens that match the exterior of their home while offering maximum sunscreen protection.

The benefits of choosing these sunscreens include:

Better Air Quality

Window solar screens benefits

The best part of using a custom window screen is that it improves the ventilation inside your home. Not many people understand this fact but poor ventilation can easily lead to many health issues. Installing the proper sunscreens can lower the risk of poor ventilation while generating better indoor air quality.

Added Protection

Everyone knows that solar screens keep bugs out. However, this isn’t all. Solar screens add protection from many other harmful elements like dirt and debris, insects, and many more. It adds a layer of privacy by blocking the inside view of your home from the outside, increasing the privacy inside your home.

It Blocks UV Rays

People want natural light; however, it’s necessary to stop the harmful UV rays because they can damage your furniture and cause skin problems. A proper solar screen can block almost 90% of the harmful UV rays and allow fresh light inside. Further, UV rays can also change the color of your carpets, leaving them discolored or spotted.

These are the best things about installing a window screen, especially by professionals like sunscreen companies in Phoenix. Nevertheless,  research well before hiring the best professionals in the industry. Otherwise, it will create problems if you end up with an unprofessional.

Phoenix AZ Sun Screens

How to Get My Custom Grid Sunscreens in Phoenix?

Solar Sunscreens allow fresh air and natural light inside the house while keeping all the bugs out. However, to yield the benefits of a solar screen, you must hire a professional like our Phoenix sunscreen installers. Otherwise, if the screen doesn’t fit well in your window, it won’t function optimally.

To help you install custom grid sunscreens, Stellar Sunscreens, one of the renowned sunscreen companies in Phoenix, is here. We have the best quality sunscreens, depending on your unique requirements and budget. To know more about our solar sunscreen services, contact us today and get your custom grid sunscreens.

Why Should Buildings Have External Shading Instead of Internal Shading?

The shading system is an important part of a building’s interior design elements, effectively controlling the daylight inside. Shading can be installed both on the interior and exterior of buildings. Therefore, people often get confused about whether they should install exterior residential solar shades or internal solar shades.

Simply put, both interior and exterior shading system has a crucial role in controlling the daylight in commercial architecture. However, professionals mostly prefer exterior shading systems due to their range of advantages. When you install exterior solar shades Phoenix, it significantly reduces the unwanted solar heat inside the building.

Let’s keep reading to further discuss the different types of window screens that you can install on your building to not only elevate its curb appeal but also to reduce the Arizona sun and heat inside.


What Are the Different Types of Window Screens for Buildings?

There’s no wonder that different types of window screens can offer a lot of advantages including maintaining the daylight inside, privacy, and security while acting as a barrier against outside elements, bugs, insects, and much more. There is a range of window screens that you can choose from at select wholesalers and installation companies.

One of the biggest areas of concern when purchasing external or internal shading is the quality of the sun and solar shades. Always make sure you are buying a high-quality product and not a knockoff being sold and installed at full value. This is why you should always buy your sunscreens from a trustworthy provider such as Stellar Sunscreens.

Here are some different types of external and internal shading features and benefits:

Aluminum Window Screens

If you are looking for the most sturdy, functional, and longest-lasting window screens, it’s best to opt for aluminum screens. Boasting low weight and durability, this is one of the best window types available allowing both natural light and air to enter the space without any obstacles. Besides, these screens are super easy to maintain as well.

window screens | Stellar SunscreensFiberglass Window Screens

One of the popular window screen types suggested by expert sunscreen companies Phoenix and other areas is the fiberglass window screen. These are perfectly designed while keeping functionality in mind. It’s also a budget-friendly option for users to protect their windows against dents, decay, UV rays, and more.

Solar Window Screens

Solar screens are one of the different types of exterior solar shades Phoenix products that help to block the UV rays and heat of the sun. This is the best solution to install, especially if you face constant humidity and warm weather. Additionally, by keeping the temperature down, solar screens can also help reduce electricity expenses.

These are the range of window screens available that most home and building owners with a DIY attitude can install. However, it’s best to have them installed by professionals to avoid any unnecessary damage and receive your manufacturer’s warranty.

Where Can I Get the Best Exterior Solar Shade Phoenix Services?

Exterior residential solar shades are deemed effective all through the year. This means they will prevent the solar heat both in the summer months and winter months. If you want to remove these shades in the winter months to let some sunlight inside, they’re easy to remove, especially if you hire Phoenix sunscreen installers.

This is the reason why Stellar Sunscreens, one of the best solar sunscreen companies Phoenix has to offer works endlessly to help you install perfect exterior solar shades Phoenix window products. We install all types of window screens that match our client’s preferences and budgets.

To know more about our installation processes and pricing structure, contact us today and get the best customer service and external or internal shading for your residential home or commercial building.

The Homeowner’s Guide to Solar Screens: 80 vs. 90 Material Type and Cost Guide

A lot of people get tired of overworking air conditioners and their high-end expenses, especially in the summer to beat the scorching heat. As a result, solar screen solution is getting worldwide popularity in terms of reducing UV rays and helping millions of homeowners to stay cool without paying for an increase by using their air conditioner.

However, for the reduction of UV rays, there are different types of materials available in solar screens. Generally, these screens are made of window screen mesh or polyester weave along with a PVC coating which further improves its durability. To gain the most benefits, homeowners need to understand the difference in the material type.

Let’s keep reading to discover whether to choose 80% sunscreen or 90% sunscreen solutions and understand the difference between the best custom sun screens with 80% and 90% material type.


What’s the Difference Between 80 vs. 90 Sunscreens?


80% and 90% are the two most common and popular material types available in solar screens. Usually, 90% sunscreen covers more sunlight than 80% sunscreen. Homeowners who want better airflow, more light, and visibility can easily benefit from 80% sunscreens as it cuts the heat without even darkening the inside of your house.

However, those who want to block 90% of the reduction of UV rays along with better energy efficiency can opt for 90% material type. Ideally, these types of materials are specifically designed for homeowners living in extensive glare and heat. It will provide maximum energy efficiency, better cooling, and better glare reduction.

This is especially important for Arizona homeowners because the sun in the summer time can be extremely hot with sunglares. Further, Arizona is known for year-round sunshine but like any other place in the world, the summers get brighter and hotter here, resulting in an increase in UV rays and need for home cooling solutions.


Cost Factors Involved in Solar Screen Installation


The cost of custom Phoenix solar sunscreens depends on a variety of factors including the number of windows, material quality, gridwork, and other variables.

Let’s further understand how the price varies depending on these factors:


  • Since you have to pay for each screens, the more windows you have, the higher the total cost will be. However, if you’re on a budget, you can always do the sunniest exterior wall first or a certain number of windows until you can afford to do the other three sides or all of the windows.
  • For the maximum reduction of UV rays, you have to pick the best fabric in the market which will increase the cost a bit; however, what you pay now saves you in the long run. Much like anything in life, you get what you pay for in terms of quality and craftsmanship and solar screens are no different.
  • Another important factor that increases the solar screen installation price is the grid work. Typically, solar screens don’t include any separators on their screen’s interior but there are plenty of other screens that may have a crossbar which adds more structure but it comes at a higher price.


Depending on these factors, the price of custom sun screens Phoenix installation services will vary but once you have them installed by a professional, it is certainly worth your investment.


Where to Get the Best Custom Screens Phoenix Has Today?


After you decide to install custom Phoenix solar screens, it would be wise to look for an ideal custom sun screens Phoenix installer to help you install solar screens more efficiently and professionally. Stellar Sunscreens is one of the most trusted Phoenix solar sunscreens installers that offers professional installation at affordable prices.

Being reliable and one of the very best Phoenix sunscreen companies, we have been serving our clients with the best quality sunscreens for several years now. To know more about our best custom sun screens and our installation process, contact us today and get the best customer service with your choice of sunscreen materials.

Skylight solar screens |Stellar Sunscreens

Skylight Solar Screens

A skylight is an important and lovable feature in a house that elevate its curb appeal. Apart from that, it offers some extra warmth and natural light to make your house more comfortable during the winter. However, this can be an added tension during the summer months as it allows more heat to enter the house.

SkylightsIf you are living in Phoenix, Arizona, the heat during the summer months is unbearable at times and if it enters the house, homeowners can face a lot of problems. This includes damaged flooring, furniture, increased electricity bills, and more. Therefore, solar sunscreens for skylights are trending at the moment.

Let’s keep reading to discuss how these different window screen types can benefit your house in Phoenix, Arizona, and more.


What Are Skylight Solar Screens?

A skylight solar screen is one of the many different window screen types that block the UV rays entering your skylight. Ideally, the design of a solar screen helps you to see the outside view and still enjoy reduced glare inside the house. This further helps you to cut down on your electric bills as you can reduce the use of AC.

When it comes to the proper installation, there are a few things to know while installing solar sunscreens for skylights.

These include:


  • To get the best heat-blocking effect, professionals like our Phoenix skylight solar screens company, recommend attaching the frame of the solar screen to the skylight’s outside.


  • If you are unable to mount these screens on the exterior side, there are ways to put these screens inside but it won’t be effective in terms of blocking the heat.


  • Our custom sunscreens Phoenix installers also offer bubble skylight solar screens which work at their best when you mount them on the side.


Mounting the screens play a crucial role and it should always be done by professionals such as our Phoenix skylight sunscreens installers to get the best results. If they don’t fit your skylight well, they won’t provide you with the optimum benefits of solar screens.


Why Should You Install Skylight Solar Screens?

From eliminating unwanted glare and heat to reducing your air conditioning bill, there are a lot of reasons why professional custom solar screens Phoenix for a skylight is growing in popularity. In general, solar screens are made using window screen mesh material to increase their durability, and why PVC coating is added.

Since the skylight is an important part of your house, especially in the winter months when it becomes the primary source to get plenty of sun and natural light, you can’t get rid of it. Rather, you can attach a skylight solar screen to save yourself from the blazing heat in the summer months from the extra Arizona sunlight.

If you’re still wondering why these solar screens are ideal for Arizona homeowners who have skylights, below are a few more reasons why you should install them:


  • Phoenix skylight solar screens help to reduce carpet and furniture fading by blocking UV rays up to 90%.
  • It’s an economical choice for solar shades or blinds as the cost for installation is pretty minimal compared to other methods to block out the sun.
  • It can be easily removed during the winter months to enjoy uninterrupted sunlight and warmth.
  • Typically, these types of solar screens can be installed on all skylight types. If the standard size doesn’t fit, there are custom solar screens Phoenix installers to help you custom make one at Stellar Sunscreens.
  • Skylight solar screens can be used both for commercial and residential structures.


Apart from that, skylight solar screens are pretty easy to install and remove. You can still consult a professional in case any help is needed. There are a lot of custom solar screens Phoenix installers available who have the experience and knowledge of the industry but make sure you choose a trusted company such as ours.


Where to Get My Custom Solar Screens Phoenix?

Stellar Sunscreens is a custom solar screens Phoenix installer who offers practical solutions for offering ultimate comfort in your interior space. The smart and simple concept of adding a skylight inside the house can be a nuisance at times, especially during the summer months.

The more heat enters your house, the more difficult it becomes to stay inside. This is why we have different window screen types that help you block any unwanted glare and heat without costing you hundreds of dollars. To know more about our skylight solar screens and their installation prices, contact us today and get what you want and need.


Pet sun screens for Doors

4 Reasons Pet Screen Doors Are a Good Idea!

Owning a pet means you have a lot of responsibilities on your hand. Besides providing them with a portion of healthy food, comfort, love, and affection, it’s important to ensure that your pet’s basic needs are met. Among these basic needs, mental stimulation and plenty of exercises are a must for every dog or cat owner to provide for their pets. 

However, due to our work and other daily chores, it becomes hectic to manage time for our pets. As a result, your pet often gets stuck inside the four walls, living a poor quality of life. This is why custom pet sunscreen doors are designed to provide your home with energy efficiency, pet doors with sunscreens offer a lot of benefits. 

When you install custom window screens Phoenix-designed for pets, it makes life easier for both the owner and the pet as they will have free access to your backyard without any hassle. To discover more about pet doors, let’s keep reading, 

What Are Pet Doors With Sunscreens?

Phoenix pet sunscreen doors are designed to provide your dog with the freedom to access indoors and outdoors whenever they need it for playing, exploring, or using the bathroom. In addition, when pet doors have sunscreens attached to them, it offers a cozy and comfortable vibe to the house. 

You don’t have to worry about increasing electricity bills, furniture damage, or anything else, even when you leave your windows open during the scorching summer months. It’s because our custom window screens Phoenix-built are made of high-quality fabric that can prevent UV rays up to a significant percentage. 

We provide many custom sizes already in stock or we can make a pet door for your house with exact measurements and functionality that suits both you and your pet. We offer custom pet sunscreen doors for cats and dogs and are coupled with expert installation services.

4 Reasons for Pet Doors

There are a lot of reasons to use pet doors. However, it’s important to make sure that they’re installed by professionals like our Phoenix pet door sunscreen installers to enjoy the ultimate benefits. We make sure the installation is secure, watertight, and working as designed, leaving your pets a safe and efficient means of passage.

Here are the four reasons pet doors are a good idea:

Reason #1: It Offers Convenience

The best part of using custom window screens Phoenix made for pets is that it offers a lot of convenience for pet owners, especially if they’re working long hours outside or typically have busy schedules. It eliminates the risk of your pet being confined inside the house chewing furniture or locked outside in cold or hot weather. 

Reason #2: Improved Pet Health

Pets need regular exercise and mental stimulation. A lack of proper exercise can lead to frustration over a period of time. This is why pet doors are needed as dogs can benefit from the fresh air while visiting outdoor areas. With pet doors, cats and dogs can both freely move from indoors to outdoors without anyone’s help.

Reason #3: Increased Pet Safety

Many times, pet owners leave their dogs outside, thinking they will have a fun time while living in such a large space. However, if dogs or cats are kept outside for long periods of time, it increases the chances of their health deterioration. This is why pet doors should be installed by professionals such as our Phoenix pet door sunscreen installers.

Reason #4: Keep a Clean Home

With pets, it becomes pretty difficult to manage home cleanliness. Nevertheless, you can now keep your house clean and sanitized while installing a pet door and providing easy access for your dog to freely move outside. You can use rugs on both sides of the pet door to trap and collect dirt and debris from their little paws.

Above are just a few reasons to install pet sunscreen doors professionally. In fact, from installations of custom pet doors to repairing a broken window screen frame, custom window screens Phoenix experts at Stellar Sunscreens can handle everything you need. 

Where Can I Get My Custom Pet Sunscreen Doors?

If you are looking for custom window screens Phoenix installers for pet doors, Stellar Sunscreens is here to help. From repairing a broken window screen frame to installing pet doors with sunscreens by professionals, we have all the expertise you need to get you going today.

For further information about our services for pet doors and sunscreens and to know more about our rates and availability, contact us and see how fast Stellar Sunscreens can things happen at your house or place of business.

Are Solar Screens Worth the Money?

As the summer heat is making its way and energy prices are constantly rising to the moon and back, it’s time to look for a few cost-effective ways to save on your energy bills. A simple solution is to combat the scorching heat of the blazing sun and increase home energy efficiency by installing solar screens on your Arizona home.

Made of mesh fabric, these solar screens block UV rays 65-90% when mounted on the window’s exterior, keeping your home cool and comfortable. Further, you can still enjoy views through your windows as it only blocks visibility by 15 to 40 percent, depending on the type of fabric you select for your solar sunscreen installations.

Ultimately, there are a lot of advantages to installing solar screens including saving the average homeowner a pile of money. To know more about whether solar sunscreen installations are worth every penny or not, keep on reading.

Do Solar Screens Save Money?

Solar screens can save money as they increase home energy efficiency. During warm summer months, people will almost do anything to reduce the heat produced inside the house. As a result, the use of air conditioners increases by a significant percentage which further impacts your energy bills combined with maintenance if overworked.

While some central air conditioning units and portable window ACs are energy efficient, it doesn’t help your cooling cost when they never stop running. One way to combat this is to have solar screens installed on the exterior of your house over the windows, blocking sunlight from directly entering the home and keeping it cooler.

By installing Phoenix sunscreens over your windows, you can save money in the following ways:

  • Solar screens block UV rays 65-90%, reducing heat inside the house. Therefore, you can enjoy a cool and cozy ambiance without increasing the use of air conditioners. Additionally, you can use a variety of high-velocity fans to keep the air moving in your house and the thermostats on your AC at a standstill.
  • When you install solar screens with our professional installers at Stellar Sunscreens, they not only increase home energy efficiency but also elevate your home’s aesthetics. It results in improving your property value and adds an elegant feature to your Arizona home’s exterior that lasts for years.
  • Solar sunscreens are far more reasonable than costly window tinting which can also affect how your window functions. Rather, it’s best to opt for solar screens to get the advantages without facing any inconveniences of window film because over time they are known to crack, peel, and lift.

These are a few of the ways in which professional Phoenix sunscreens installation can save your utility bills and provide more advantages than any other solution. On average, you can often see a return on your investment for solar screens with the first year or cooling season, leaving even more savings and money in the future.

How to Invest in the Best Phoenix Solar Screens?

Installing solar screens can provide you with several advantages but they should be installed properly to get the most energy-efficiency and value for your dollar. Otherwise, it may lead to a lot of troubles in the future. This is why Stellar Sunscreens, one of the best Phoenix solar screens installers is here to help you with a wide range of sunscreens.

If you have been searching for professional high-end solar screen services to increase home energy efficiency and gain energy efficiency with cost-saving benefits, contact us today and see why so many residential Arizona homeowners are going with solar sunscreens.

In the end, solar sunscreens are definitely worth the money, especially when you live in a hot area such as Phoenix.

The Pros and Cons of Retractable Porch Screens

Solar sunscreens for patios have been one of the finest additions to custom window designs, leaving homeowners with more energy savings along with a cool and cozy indoor environment. However, some people still want to enjoy the outdoor view while finding an ideal solution to block the birds, insects, and bugs from getting inside.

This is where retractable porch screens come to the rescue. These are more cost-effective and flexible alternatives to permanent custom solar screens that enhance your outdoor elements while blocking unwanted ones like bugs and other insects. There are several pros and cons of adding these retractable porch screens.

Let’s continue to read and discuss retractable porch screens and how professionals at our Phoenix solar screen company can help you make the best decision.

What Are Retractable Porch Screens?


Retractable screens are basically able to retract when not in use. It means you can roll them up into their protective housing, turning them virtually invisible. Besides, elevating your house’s curb appeal, these screens can instantly be fitted into any window design and be custom-made by solar sunscreens for patios at Stellar Sunscreens.

Some of the advantages of these retractable patio sunscreens Phoenix services include:


  • Durability: If the retractable sunscreen installation is conducted by professionals, these can provide you the durability of up to several years as they can withstand harsh outside elements. Additionally, roll-down screens are also available in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors, matching any home interior and lifting it up.
  • Convenience: According to most patio sunscreens Phoenix service providers, these patio screens can be retracted into your housing when you don’t use them. It means you can use these screens in any weather condition and still able to enjoy the benefits. Besides, it offers more privacy than other custom solar screens.
  • Cost-Effective: Along with other advantages, roll-down patio sunscreens also save you money in the long run as they demand less repair and maintenance. Plus, it helps to reduce the energy costs of your house by providing extra insulation. Therefore, your investment will remain protected upon choosing it.
  • Curb Appeal: Since roll-down sunscreens and solar patio sunscreens come with a few different collar variations and textures, they can add curb appeal to your Arizona home. They can make a mundane patio come to life by adding a new and modern look to your patio as traditional screens can sometimes look a little tacky.
  • Adds Property Value: Patio sunscreens available at Stellar Sunscreens add property value to your home. While the cost per window and installation may be a small investment, the added property value can be an advantage if you ever decide to sell your home on the open real estate marketplace.


These are the reasons why homeowners in Arizona trust these types of sunscreens for their patios and outdoor garden structures like a gazebo. Our professional patio sunscreens Phoenix installers can help you install custom solar screens at an affordable price that doesn’t break the bank or cause financial hardships.

Get Custom Solar Screens for Your Phoenix Home


When choosing retractable patio sunscreens, it’s always crucial to opt for an experienced and reliable service provider. This is why Stellar Sunscreens, your patio sunscreens Phoenix installer is here to help you with a wide range of options that fit your budget and sunscreen requirements.

We offer you the best way to install retractable patio screens to your Arizona home without elevating your budget. To know more about our installation process and pricing, contact us today and see why Stellar Sunscreens is the most recommended sunscreen installer and service provider in the state of Arizona.