Increase Home Energy Efficiency With Solar Screens

As the temperature continues to rise all across the globe, homeowners are highly perturbed by their increasing energy bills. Therefore, people are always on the lookout for effective and proven ways that can lower their energy bills. However, finding this energy efficiency in your own home is one of the greatest challenges. 

This is why Stellar Sunscreens is here to offer you solar window screens to increase your home energy efficiency, lower your cost, and bring a cool and cozy environment inside your house. We have a range of different types of solar screens available at affordable prices that can offer an endless number of advantages to all homeowners.

What is the Purpose of Solar Screens?

Well, primarily solar screens are designed for blocking the UV rays coming inside a house. There are proven records that solar screens reduced at least 90% of the UV rays inside a house, saving energy bills, lowering the damage to furniture, and providing a cool interior ambiance, leaving you feeling better during the hottest times of the year. 

Another great feature of solar screen is the amount of privacy it offers. Since these are mostly made of woven mesh material, it offers prevents others from having a peek inside your house. In fact, by installing solar screens, you can reduce the amount of dirt, insects, birds, and all other unnecessary elements from entering and ruining your home. 

Besides, the solar screens that we offer are perfectly removable without any expert’s help. You can remove them during the winter season and allow some heat inside your home to protect yourself against the chilly breeze. However, you can still reinstall them easily and instantly without any assistance. 

How Do Our Solar Screens Improve Home Energy Efficiency?

Solar screens can improve your home’s energy efficiency by blocking UV rays, preventing glare from unhindered sunlight, and minimizing the dependency on air conditioning. Being the best custom window screen providers in Phoenix, we have an expert team to install these screens efficiently to help you gain all of the benefits. 

Stellar Sunscreens provides expert installation and repair services. We can customize your solar sunscreens to fit any window in your house and even have a wide range of textures and mesh styles to choose from. You can order as many solar sunscreens as you wish and get a few windows covered or all of them, it’s literally your free choice.

The ways how solar screens improve home energy efficiency include:

  • Blocking the Harmful UV Rays

UV radiation is one of the major problems that people have been dealing with for a long time. The recent increase in global warming and sudden rise in temperature has made it difficult for people to spend time in direct sunlight. This is where our solar sunscreens are highly beneficial as they block 90% of these harmful UV rays. 

  • Preventing Glare Inside the House

Glare doesn’t only increase the heat production inside the house but also impairs your vision for a moment. This is quite dangerous while you’re working or your kids are doing their homework. This is the reason why we are offering stellar window sunscreens that not only prevent this glare but it also helps to protect your loss of sight. 

  • Minimizing Your Dependency on AC

One of the reasons behind increasing energy costs is people’s dependency on AC. However, with our window screens, you can minimize this dependency as the indoor ambiance will remain cool and cozy due to less sunlight inside the house. Therefore, you can save some money by installing this solar screen. 

Custom Window Screens Phoenix AZ | Stellar SunscreensHow We Can Help You?

At Stellar Sunscreens, we’re a proud manufacturer and installer of the highest quality window sunscreens as well as solar shades. Our products are available in a wide variety of colors and at the best possible price. Having two decades of experience in installing and manufacturing sunscreens, our experts can help yield all the advantages. 

Therefore, to get custom sunscreens that offer a range of endless benefits including lowering your energy bills, improving your AC efficiency, and enhancing the privacy of your house, contact us today. We will be happy to answer all your questions related to solar screens and help you get what you came looking for.