Solar Screens and UV Rays

What originally was created with the sole purpose of helping museums to preserve their art and precious items is now attracting millions of homeowners to block UV rays from entering their houses. Solar screens are one of the popular add-ons worldwide garnering more attention as the scorching heat in the summer is becoming unbearable. 

According to a recent survey and report, window attachments like solar screens can significantly reduce the UV rays entering your house and prevent any damage to furniture and other items. Apart from that, there are other significant advantages of installing solar screens on the windows of commercial or residential properties. 

Here at Stellar Sunscreens, we install all types of solar screens custom-made for your windows to help you yield the advantages of it. Having a team of professionals, we can help you select the best material and design according to your unique requirements so that everything remains catered to your needs. 

Can Solar Screen Block UV Rays?

Reduction of UV Rays With Solar Screens Phoenix AZ| Stellar SunscreensFor Arizona homeowners who are seeking ideal equipment to block UV rays, solar screens can be the best option for them as it blocks almost 90% of the sun’s rays from entering the house. Moreover, it offers functionality, style, and versatility in a single piece of equipment, and Stellar Sunscreens has the best selection available today.

The ways how solar screens block UV rays include:

  • Since solar screens are mostly constructed with woven fabric, it tends to reflect heat. Therefore, it reduces the intensity of UV rays entering your house. 
  • If you consider a lower openness, then these screens will offer maximum protection and privacy against sunlight. 
  • When the amount of sunlight gets reduced inside your home, the heat production naturally comes down and provides you with a cool and cozy interior. 

Our professionals thoughtfully install high-tech roller screens designed to filter out most of the UV rays while still preserving your window’s view. This is important for Arizona homeowners who like to enjoy their view but are not able to figure out which type of solar screens to add to their home without blocking the view. 

Why Choose Our Custom-Made Solar Screen?

Stellar Sunscreens, your custom window solar screen provider in Phoenix can help you gain the ultimate advantages of custom-made solar screens. We offer the best prices for both the sunscreens and the labor to install them. We also provide custom-fit solar sunscreens to accommodate different-sized or custom-built windows and frames.

According to our previous clients and returning ones for solar sunscreen repair or new upgrades, we are the best installation company in Arizona, serving the greater Pheonix area. We come fully insured and licensed combined with years of installation experience and leaving a blaze wherever we have been with 100% satisfied customers.

With Stellar Sunscreens solar sunscreens, you get the following advantages:

  • Saves Energy

Since solar screens reduce the heat transferring inside the room, they significantly reduce the heat production in the house. Therefore, it can minimize air conditioning use and further saves your energy bills. It’s a highly efficient and environmentally friendly way of saving your energy bill and lowering your yearly cooling costs. 

  • Prevent Bugs & Insects

The best part of installing solar screens is that it prevents the entry of mosquitoes, insects, flies, and other bugs from entering the house. Meaning, you can enjoy a peaceful environment without any disturbances from outside elements. And when the bugs are bad in Arizona, they can be the man-eater and make your life miserable.

  • Proper Air Ventilation

Stellar Sunscreen’s custom-made window solar screens not only help prevent UV rays but also provides proper air ventilation inside the house. Meaning, you can have a cozy and cool indoor atmosphere while enjoying the pleasing aesthetics. We off the best solar sunscreens in Phoenix, Arizona, and are ready to help you get yours today. 

  • Low Maintenance Cost

Operating and maintaining solar screens doesn’t cost much. All you need is a simple frame along with mounting hardware to install and replace any solar screens. Besides, it can be easily cleaned with a simple soap and water combination. When it comes to functionality and practicality, solar sunscreens offer homeowners the ideal solution.

Reduce UV Rays Inside Your Home

Since there have been proven track records of solar screens’ ability to reduce the UV rays entering the house, it can be highly beneficial, especially if you’re living in Pheonix, Arizona. The scorching sun in the Arizona summer doesn’t only become unbearable but also significantly increases energy bills. 

At Stellar Sunscreens, we have high-end professionals available to help install window screens at an affordable price. To know more about our solar sunscreens services and the benefits of having them installed, give us a call today or take a minute and fill out our contact form.