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4 Reasons Pet Screen Doors Are a Good Idea!

Last Updated on June 12, 2023 by Stellar Sunscreens

Owning a pet means you have a lot of responsibilities on your hand. Besides providing them with a portion of healthy food, comfort, love, and affection, it’s important to ensure that your pet’s basic needs are met. Among these basic needs, mental stimulation and plenty of exercises are a must for every dog or cat owner to provide for their pets. 

However, due to our work and other daily chores, it becomes hectic to manage time for our pets. As a result, your pet often gets stuck inside the four walls, living a poor quality of life. This is why custom pet sunscreen doors are designed to provide your home with energy efficiency, pet doors with sunscreens offer a lot of benefits. 

When you install custom window screens Phoenix-designed for pets, it makes life easier for both the owner and the pet as they will have free access to your backyard without any hassle. To discover more about pet doors, let’s keep reading, 

What Are Pet Doors With Sunscreens?

Phoenix pet sunscreen doors are designed to provide your dog with the freedom to access indoors and outdoors whenever they need it for playing, exploring, or using the bathroom. In addition, when pet doors have sunscreens attached to them, it offers a cozy and comfortable vibe to the house. 

You don’t have to worry about increasing electricity bills, furniture damage, or anything else, even when you leave your windows open during the scorching summer months. It’s because our custom window screens Phoenix-built are made of high-quality fabric that can prevent UV rays up to a significant percentage. 

We provide many custom sizes already in stock or we can make a pet door for your house with exact measurements and functionality that suits both you and your pet. We offer custom pet sunscreen doors for cats and dogs and are coupled with expert installation services.

4 Reasons for Pet Doors

There are a lot of reasons to use pet doors. However, it’s important to make sure that they’re installed by professionals like our Phoenix pet door sunscreen installers to enjoy the ultimate benefits. We make sure the installation is secure, watertight, and working as designed, leaving your pets a safe and efficient means of passage.

Here are the four reasons pet doors are a good idea:

Reason #1: It Offers Convenience

The best part of using custom window screens Phoenix made for pets is that it offers a lot of convenience for pet owners, especially if they’re working long hours outside or typically have busy schedules. It eliminates the risk of your pet being confined inside the house chewing furniture or locked outside in cold or hot weather. 

Reason #2: Improved Pet Health

Pets need regular exercise and mental stimulation. A lack of proper exercise can lead to frustration over a period of time. This is why pet doors are needed as dogs can benefit from the fresh air while visiting outdoor areas. With pet doors, cats and dogs can both freely move from indoors to outdoors without anyone’s help.

Reason #3: Increased Pet Safety

Many times, pet owners leave their dogs outside, thinking they will have a fun time while living in such a large space. However, if dogs or cats are kept outside for long periods of time, it increases the chances of their health deterioration. This is why pet doors should be installed by professionals such as our Phoenix pet door sunscreen installers.

Reason #4: Keep a Clean Home

With pets, it becomes pretty difficult to manage home cleanliness. Nevertheless, you can now keep your house clean and sanitized while installing a pet door and providing easy access for your dog to freely move outside. You can use rugs on both sides of the pet door to trap and collect dirt and debris from their little paws.

Above are just a few reasons to install pet sunscreen doors professionally. In fact, from installations of custom pet doors to repairing a broken window screen frame, custom window screens Phoenix experts at Stellar Sunscreens can handle everything you need. 

Where Can I Get My Custom Pet Sunscreen Doors?

If you are looking for custom window screens Phoenix installers for pet doors, Stellar Sunscreens is here to help. From repairing a broken window screen frame to installing pet doors with sunscreens by professionals, we have all the expertise you need to get you going today.

For further information about our services for pet doors and sunscreens and to know more about our rates and availability, contact us and see how fast Stellar Sunscreens can things happen at your house or place of business.