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Why Should Buildings Have External Shading Instead of Internal Shading?

The shading system is an important part of a building’s interior design elements, effectively controlling the daylight inside. Shading can be installed both on the interior and exterior of buildings. Therefore, people often get confused about whether they should install exterior residential solar shades or internal solar shades. Simply put, both interior and exterior shading […]

Skylight Solar Screens

A skylight is an important and lovable feature in a house that elevate its curb appeal. Apart from that, it offers some extra warmth and natural light to make your house more comfortable during the winter. However, this can be an added tension during the summer months as it allows more heat to enter the […]

4 Reasons Pet Screen Doors Are a Good Idea!

Owning a pet means you have a lot of responsibilities on your hand. Besides providing them with a portion of healthy food, comfort, love, and affection, it’s important to ensure that your pet’s basic needs are met. Among these basic needs, mental stimulation and plenty of exercises are a must for every dog or cat […]

Are Solar Screens Worth the Money?

As the summer heat is making its way and energy prices are constantly rising to the moon and back, it’s time to look for a few cost-effective ways to save on your energy bills. A simple solution is to combat the scorching heat of the blazing sun and increase home energy efficiency by installing solar […]