Are Solar Screens Worth the Money?

As the summer heat is making its way and energy prices are constantly rising to the moon and back, it’s time to look for a few cost-effective ways to save on your energy bills. A simple solution is to combat the scorching heat of the blazing sun and increase home energy efficiency by installing solar screens on your Arizona home.

Made of mesh fabric, these solar screens block UV rays 65-90% when mounted on the window’s exterior, keeping your home cool and comfortable. Further, you can still enjoy views through your windows as it only blocks visibility by 15 to 40 percent, depending on the type of fabric you select for your solar sunscreen installations.

Ultimately, there are a lot of advantages to installing solar screens including saving the average homeowner a pile of money. To know more about whether solar sunscreen installations are worth every penny or not, keep on reading.

Do Solar Screens Save Money?

Solar screens can save money as they increase home energy efficiency. During warm summer months, people will almost do anything to reduce the heat produced inside the house. As a result, the use of air conditioners increases by a significant percentage which further impacts your energy bills combined with maintenance if overworked.

While some central air conditioning units and portable window ACs are energy efficient, it doesn’t help your cooling cost when they never stop running. One way to combat this is to have solar screens installed on the exterior of your house over the windows, blocking sunlight from directly entering the home and keeping it cooler.

By installing Phoenix sunscreens over your windows, you can save money in the following ways:

  • Solar screens block UV rays 65-90%, reducing heat inside the house. Therefore, you can enjoy a cool and cozy ambiance without increasing the use of air conditioners. Additionally, you can use a variety of high-velocity fans to keep the air moving in your house and the thermostats on your AC at a standstill.
  • When you install solar screens with our professional installers at Stellar Sunscreens, they not only increase home energy efficiency but also elevate your home’s aesthetics. It results in improving your property value and adds an elegant feature to your Arizona home’s exterior that lasts for years.
  • Solar sunscreens are far more reasonable than costly window tinting which can also affect how your window functions. Rather, it’s best to opt for solar screens to get the advantages without facing any inconveniences of window film because over time they are known to crack, peel, and lift.

These are a few of the ways in which professional Phoenix sunscreens installation can save your utility bills and provide more advantages than any other solution. On average, you can often see a return on your investment for solar screens with the first year or cooling season, leaving even more savings and money in the future.

How to Invest in the Best Phoenix Solar Screens?

Installing solar screens can provide you with several advantages but they should be installed properly to get the most energy-efficiency and value for your dollar. Otherwise, it may lead to a lot of troubles in the future. This is why Stellar Sunscreens, one of the best Phoenix solar screens installers is here to help you with a wide range of sunscreens.

If you have been searching for professional high-end solar screen services to increase home energy efficiency and gain energy efficiency with cost-saving benefits, contact us today and see why so many residential Arizona homeowners are going with solar sunscreens.

In the end, solar sunscreens are definitely worth the money, especially when you live in a hot area such as Phoenix.

Solar Screens vs Window Tint: What Fits my Phoenix AZ Home Needs Better?

Windows and solar screens in Phoenix, Arizona serve a number of purposes in the home. However, being able to see out of them while keeping your home cool can sometimes be a problem if you don’t have any solar sunscreens or any type of screen at all due to the glaring Arizona sunshine that can serve as a heating device instead of a coolant.

tall windows screens

Solar shade screens are made with approximately an 80%-90% light-blocking rate, meaning there’s only about 10%-20% visibility with most solar screens. Fortunately, window films are known to block 99% of UV rays and permit 100% visibility, enhancing your view while reducing glare and keeping your Arizona home more comfortable.

To discover what fits your Phoenix, Arizona home needs better and the differences between window tint and solar screens, continue reading.


What are Solar Shades?


Solar shades are constructed with coated materials that are tightly and finely woven to allow heat and light coverage. Solar shade screens Phoenix are generally made from vinyl; however, there are many options available at Stellar Sunscreens.

For those who want to try some samples and compare apples to oranges, ask Stellar Sunscreens for some solar shade swatches and discover the best one for your Phoenix, Arizona home before you make a final choice.


What is Window Tint?


Window tint typically refers to the application process of applying and adhering a thin layer of laminate film to a piece of glass for reductions in UV rays and sun glare. The most common type of window tint is generally found on vehicles but there are some residential homes in Phoenixthat have window tint features.

Solar sunscreen installers in Phoenix, Arizona can furnish window solar sunscreens that provide the same look at window tint that in an expensive automobile with the same security and privacy as well as protection from UV rays. Solar shade screens Phoenix also provide UVA protection, the UV rays known to cause skin cancer.


Do I Want Window Tint or Solar Shades for My Arizona Home?


Phoenix solar shades

One of the biggest problems with window tint for Phoenix homes is the application doesn’t prevent UV rays from contacting the window. While they do block some of the sun’s UV rays, they still allow a significant amount of heat to enter through the glass, making solar shades a better option.

Phoenix solar shade screens, on the other hand, come with an extra layer of insulation that prevents the UV rays from touching the glass and are more energy-efficient for your Phoenix home. Solar screens Phoenix for heat reduction and blocking out harmful UV rays are the far superior choice.


Disadvantages of Window Tint


There are many disadvantages to using window tint for your window in your Phoenix home. Window tints can be invisible while offering some mild energy-efficiency improvements but they can also become easily damaged. When cleaning them, great care needs to be used because window tint can leave marks or scratches.

Fortunately, solar shade screens Phoenix can be scrubbed, won’t scratch, leave streaks or marks, and be removed for repairs; moreover, window tint cannot. Window tint is permanent; therefore, when replacing your window tint, you are more likely to replace the entire window, making window tint the wrong choice.


Advantages of Window Solar Sunscreens Phoenix


Solar screens Phoenix pose no threat to the Phoenix windows they protect but windows with window tint do. Unlike window tint, there are several advantages to window solar sunscreens as opposed to window tint or film installations. Solar screens can handle thermal shocks and will not fracture as window tint does.

In cases of homeowner’s insurance, many policies will not cover houses with window tint due to safety hazards and window manufacturers such as Matthew Brothers and Anderson will not honor the warranty if window tint has adhered to the windows.


Getting the Best Phoenix Solar Shade Screens


When it comes to getting the best solar screens Phoenix has to offer, Stellar Sunscreens is the only place to call for all of your solar shade needs. We can provide a free assessment to cover all of your windows with modern and energy-efficient solar shade screens for your Phoenix home.

Don’t go for the DYI approach to protect your home with window tint when you can have professionally installed and custom-size solar shade that will not bubble, fracture, or allow harmful UV rays into your Phoenix home. We provide expert repairs and installation for Phoenix businesses and homeowners at affordable prices.

To get your Phoenix solar shade screens today, call Stellar Sunscreens or fill out our online contact form and get the UV protecting and cooling you need for your home.

solar screen Phoenix

Most Common Sun Screen Questions

If you live in a region that experiences a temperate climate, the high temperatures due to sunlight can make living in your house feel like living inside a greenhouse. As such, finding ways to limit the amount of sunlight coming through your windows is crucial to making your house comfortable.

Sunscreens are a great solution for homeowners who wish to reduce the amount of sunlight in their homes. Not only do they reduce indoor temperature and provide UV protection by keeping the sun out but they can also help homeowners to significantly cut down on the amount of energy used, thus saving on costs.

Read on to find out more about sunscreens and get answers to some of the most pertinent questions about these products.

What Are Sun Screens?

A sunscreen (also known as a solar screen or window screen) is a specially designed mesh that is used to cover a window to block heat and UV rays from the sun from hitting it. Solar screens are made out of synthetic fiber, metal wires, or fiberglass and are designed to cut down the amount of heat from the sun that enters a home by 80-90%.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about sunscreens:

What Are the Benefits of Having a Solar Screen?

sun UV raysAs mentioned before, solar screens work by deflecting brightness from the sun as well as absorbing heat and UV rays. Homeowners who live in sweltering climates can use solar shade screens Phoenix to keep their homes cool and comfortable all year round.

In addition to this, the significant reduction of heat from the sun that reaches a home’s windows means that there is less need to have the air conditioner running all day long. As such, installing solar screens can help a homeowner to achieve energy efficiency and save on energy costs.

Do Some Window Solar Screens Block More Heat than Others?

Yes. Not all shade screens for windows are made equal. Over the years, many different types of sunscreens have been developed with varying levels of heat-blocking capabilities. If you are shopping for the most efficient sun shades in Phoenix, consult our professionals to see the range of materials we have and find what suits your needs.

Can Window Solar Screens Damage My Windows?

window solar screen contactNo. Window solar screens Phoenix are usually installed in such a way that they do not come into any kind of contact with the windows. However, even if they were to do so, they would still not harm a window. On the contrary, they help extend the life of a window by keeping it cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter months.

Generally, sunscreens improve the visual appeal of a building. The best part is that they are also cheaper and easier to install. As such, they have continued to gain more traction among homeowners.

Professional Solar Shade Screens Phoenix Services

As you can see, installing window solar screens is one of the best investments you can make if you live in a temperate region. Not only will they keep your home cool throughout the day but will help you save money by improving your A/C efficiency.

At Stellar Sunscreens, we pride ourselves on manufacturing high-quality and durable solar screens in a wide range of colors to suit any homeowner’s needs. Our sunscreens will help you reduce heat from the sweltering Arizona sun by up to 90% thus enhancing the comfort of your home.

Give us a call today to make an order and get started.

Windows with Sunscreens Phoenix


Soaring temperatures during summer and particularly hot months of the year can be a real problem for homeowners. Homeowners end up spending lots of money on air conditioning and cooling units that require copious amounts of energy to function and carbon dioxide emissions from their use increase the carbon footprint.

Window sunscreens reduce energy costs and lower the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, which is one of the major causes of ozone depletion. The best sunscreens aren’t only made from durable materials; they cut harmful UV radiation, lower energy consumption, and improve privacy in a home.

To find out why homeowners need to purchase and install the best sunscreens in their homes, keep reading.


window sunscreens solar shadesDetermining the best sunscreens can be difficult if homeowners don’t know what to look for. In choosing window sunscreens Phoenix provides, for instance, there should be a balance between maximum heat blockage and outward visibility that the sunscreens provide. These considerations may guide homeowners in the selection of the best sunscreens.

There are screens that are designed to block daytime glare and enhance privacy during the day. However, some darken outward visibility in addition to cutting a good amount of the sun’s heat. These and other factors, including the extent to which the sunscreens lower energy costs, are necessary to determine the best sunscreens for installation.


skin sunscreen oilA large percentage of skin aging can be attributed to the sun. Excess exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause skin cancer, also known as melanoma. The best sunscreens for skincare incorporate the use of multiple ingredients that protect the skin when used rightly. Studies show that people with oily skin also need to apply sunscreen.

Sunscreens for oily skin are available in sunscreen spray, lotions, and moisturizers that are applied topically.

Some of the best sunscreens for the face include the following:

  • Neutrogena sunscreen
  • La Roche-Posay sunscreen
  • Colorescience Sunforgettable sunscreen
  • Korean sunscreen

Neutrogena sunscreen and other sunscreen spray meant for oily skin are made with oil-free formulations that do not block the pores of the skin. Dermatologists recommend that people with oily skin buy sunscreens that contain ingredients that diminish the production of oil from the glands and are mineral-based.


For a sunscreen spray or lotion to pass the test of a good product that protects the skin against UV rays, it has to meet certain FDA requirements. The product must be labeled appropriately to indicate its Sun Protection Factor (SPF), which is a measure of the extent of protection against UVB rays and should be broad-spectrum.

When looking for the best sunscreen for tanning special attention must be paid to the kind of ingredients used to make the product. The best sunscreen for tanning does not irritate the skin, is allergy-free, and caters to sensitive skin as well. A sunscreen that is broad-spectrum and has SPF30 is ideal for tanning.

A lot of people prefer Korean sunscreen and sunscreen spray due to their consistency and the fact that they are easy to apply. Some of the worst sunscreens 2020 contain ingredients like Oxybenzone which are able to get into the bloodstream and cause hormonal imbalances.


Residents in Arizona need not look further than Stellar Sunscreens for the installation of customized sunscreens in their homes and office buildings. Our company incorporates experiences drawn from the construction industry and the highest workmanship in the design and installation of sunscreens.

Stellar Sunscreens is the go-to provider of high-quality sunscreens in Arizona, as well as window solar screens Glendale. With thousands of satisfied testimonials and testaments about the solutions we have provided to the residents in Arizona and its environs, we are eager to provide you with our services. Contact us today for a free estimate and an appointment with our experts.