Solar Screens vs Window Tint: What Fits my Phoenix AZ Home Needs Better?

Last Updated on September 8, 2022 by Stellar Sunscreens

Windows and solar screens in Phoenix, Arizona serve a number of purposes in the home. However, being able to see out of them while keeping your home cool can sometimes be a problem if you don’t have any solar sunscreens or any type of screen at all due to the glaring Arizona sunshine that can serve as a heating device instead of a coolant.

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Solar shade screens are made with approximately an 80%-90% light-blocking rate, meaning there’s only about 10%-20% visibility with most solar screens. Fortunately, window films are known to block 99% of UV rays and permit 100% visibility, enhancing your view while reducing glare and keeping your Arizona home more comfortable.

To discover what fits your Phoenix, Arizona home needs better and the differences between window tint and solar screens, continue reading.


What are Solar Shades?


Solar shades are constructed with coated materials that are tightly and finely woven to allow heat and light coverage. Solar shade screens Phoenix are generally made from vinyl; however, there are many options available at Stellar Sunscreens.

For those who want to try some samples and compare apples to oranges, ask Stellar Sunscreens for some solar shade swatches and discover the best one for your Phoenix, Arizona home before you make a final choice.


What is Window Tint?


Window tint typically refers to the application process of applying and adhering a thin layer of laminate film to a piece of glass for reductions in UV rays and sun glare. The most common type of window tint is generally found on vehicles but there are some residential homes in Phoenixthat have window tint features.

Solar sunscreen installers in Phoenix, Arizona can furnish window solar sunscreens that provide the same look at window tint that in an expensive automobile with the same security and privacy as well as protection from UV rays. Solar shade screens Phoenix also provide UVA protection, the UV rays known to cause skin cancer.


Do I Want Window Tint or Solar Shades for My Arizona Home?


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One of the biggest problems with window tint for Phoenix homes is the application doesn’t prevent UV rays from contacting the window. While they do block some of the sun’s UV rays, they still allow a significant amount of heat to enter through the glass, making solar shades a better option.

Phoenix solar shade screens, on the other hand, come with an extra layer of insulation that prevents the UV rays from touching the glass and are more energy-efficient for your Phoenix home. Solar screens Phoenix for heat reduction and blocking out harmful UV rays are the far superior choice.


Disadvantages of Window Tint


There are many disadvantages to using window tint for your window in your Phoenix home. Window tints can be invisible while offering some mild energy-efficiency improvements but they can also become easily damaged. When cleaning them, great care needs to be used because window tint can leave marks or scratches.

Fortunately, solar shade screens Phoenix can be scrubbed, won’t scratch, leave streaks or marks, and be removed for repairs; moreover, window tint cannot. Window tint is permanent; therefore, when replacing your window tint, you are more likely to replace the entire window, making window tint the wrong choice.


Advantages of Window Solar Sunscreens Phoenix


Solar screens Phoenix pose no threat to the Phoenix windows they protect but windows with window tint do. Unlike window tint, there are several advantages to window solar sunscreens as opposed to window tint or film installations. Solar screens can handle thermal shocks and will not fracture as window tint does.

In cases of homeowner’s insurance, many policies will not cover houses with window tint due to safety hazards and window manufacturers such as Matthew Brothers and Anderson will not honor the warranty if window tint has adhered to the windows.


Getting the Best Phoenix Solar Shade Screens


When it comes to getting the best solar screens Phoenix has to offer, Stellar Sunscreens is the only place to call for all of your solar shade needs. We can provide a free assessment to cover all of your windows with modern and energy-efficient solar shade screens for your Phoenix home.

Don’t go for the DYI approach to protect your home with window tint when you can have professionally installed and custom-size solar shade that will not bubble, fracture, or allow harmful UV rays into your Phoenix home. We provide expert repairs and installation for Phoenix businesses and homeowners at affordable prices.

To get your Phoenix solar shade screens today, call Stellar Sunscreens or fill out our online contact form and get the UV protecting and cooling you need for your home.